Connected Logistics

IoT Moves Logistics Supply and Demand

How it works

Bundled IoT Cloud Platform that connect & collect data from any type of sensor & devices across the logistics Supply and Demand side, process and analyse data and bundled with Transport and Logistics applications.

All in one platform with integrated IoT for sensing and shaping demand, warehouse digitalization and building an adaptive supply chain that will result in optimising your operation, improve capacity & efficiency and lower cost

Use case

Delivery Automation

  • Automated scheduling and optimisation
  • Map based routing of customer delivery locations
  • Real-time dispatch dashboard
  • Live traffic conditions based ETA for delivery points

Fleet Management

  • GPS technology based real-time location tracking
  • Automated Fleet operations
  • Real-time Analytics for Fleet demand
  • Fleet movement & Compliance

Fleet Maintenance

  • CAN Bus based Real-Time Information
  • Improve Fleet utilization
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Vehicle Environment monitoring for Cold chains
  • Fleet operations insight for OEM and Fleet Owner

Field Workforce Integration

  • Delivery Mobile App for visibility
  • Integrated last mile delivery & notification
  • Proof of delivery
  • Enhance customer experience by real-time Feedback

Logistics Operations

  • Return Material Management
  • Goods Tracking in Warehouse & Transit Management
  • Fleet contractor management and accounting

Logistics Settings



Cold Chain


On Demand

End Customer

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