Internet of Premises Things

Transform your Premises Operations with IoT

How it works

Trinity Premises Monitoring Platform is a bundled IoT Cloud Platform that connects & collect data from any type of premises sensor and devices, process & analyze data and powered by ready to go Premises Monitoring application.

A SaaS platform build using Microsoft Azure IoT cloud service to provide common benefits across all types of premises settings.

Use case


  • Smoke & temperature sensors detect fire
  • Trigger instant alerts & operating procedures
  • Activate hooters and other relevant systems


  • Camera based motion detects intrusions
  • Provide visibility & video/image for events
  • Regulates access to critical work areas & violation alerts

Asset Maintenance

  • Sensor enable continuous condition monitoring
  • Generate Condition based maintenance alerts
  • Decrease Maintenance cost and Loss of Service break

Energy Management

  • Sensors track occupancy & enable services
  • Regulate energy usage & save cost
  • Energy Analytics
  • Smart Appliance

Personalization of Service

  • Sensor Track customers, staff & items in premises
  • Inspires people through personalized service & increases productivity
  • High occupancy comfort

Premises Settings


ATM sites


Cell Sites

Retail store


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